Our brand is already present in many countries in Europe and over the world, with a strong network of distributors and agents but we would like to expand. We are looking for motivated and experienced independent sales agents, to represent our brand in several countries across Europe. There is strong potential for our products in Europe and the rewards can be very attractive. We are looking more specifically for the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Portugal. .


Le Chatelard 1802
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All aspects of production, from the harvesting of the flowers to the making of lavender flower sachets, used from time immemorial to keep linen closets free of clothes moths, are centered in Saint Auban sur Ouvèze. We quarantee 100% French craftsmanship in our workshops. We apply the highest standards in quality at each stage of the production process.

Lavender (lavandula officinalis or lavandula angustifolia or vera)
Lavender can grow even up to 1700 meters altitude. You can find it as a wild plant read more