The history of Le Chatelard starts in the year of 1802, in the era of Napoleon Bonapart , when France had a new constitution and became a republic. The law permitting people to build houses only within the borderlines of the towns was revoked and one of the first houses build outside of the village Saint Auban was built by the farming family, Montaud. Their stone house, with a carving of the year on the front of the main entrance, not only shows the year of construction, the year 1802, but also marks the beginning of the company, Le Chatelard. The name Le Chatelard comes from the name of the little hill, which is home to a “small church”, and is now the place where the farm stands.

The Montaud farming family harvested wild lavender in those first years, which naturally grows on the mountains, and produced essential oil from it. By 1805 they had started to plant lavender in their own fields and not to depend only on natural wild lavender. As the perfumery industry started to grow, the demand for the essential oil from the city of Grasse rapidly increased, and so they needed to increase their lavender production. But in those early years there were no machines or tractors as we have now, so all the work was done by hand only. The change in production methods came after a long time, and first machinery was not available until the end of the second World War.

At this time, Le Chatelard was focused mainly on the production and delivery of raw materials for other processors. The real change began in the late 1990's and strategy of the company was changed not only to delivery the raw material, but also the finished products. The idea was simple and reasonable: with all of their history, all of the experience of two centuries and dedicated hard work, their love of lavender and knowing everything there is to know about this beautiful plant, why not make the finished products and express all the love and passion in those products.